Surrounded and creating

This blog is dedicated to our daily experience of cultures. There is no definition of culture which would be universally acknowledged. Anthropologists have fought over it with representatives of other academic disciplines (here I should give a reference, but I am a procrastinator, so I’ll do it later). I am not an anthropologist, although I studied some. But we are all anthropologists, because we all experience cultures and their effects on us.

I am from Russia, I am married to India, and I live in Sweden. This is enough of a background to justify a blog like this. So I will blog about experiencing – sometimes the edges where things meet, collide, slide upon each other, or gently weave into each other. Sometimes centres, when one is in the very depth and richness of something, not only surrounded, but involved, part of, creating cultures. Sometimes cracks, where no culture is enough to fill, to explain, to comfort. Because we are also sometimes separate entities, islands, and solitudes. A year can have up to a hundred solitudes – to paraphrase one of our favourite novels’ title, right?

I invite you to glide with me, enjoy and co-create. Have a  nice journey!


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